Thursday, February 12, 2009

Almost Time for an Old Favorite

Hook:         Curved #16-22
Shuck:            Partridge
Body:          Olive Goose Biot
Abdomen:  Olive Superfine
Hackle:       Light Dun
Post:            Grey Z-Lon

Tying Instructions
1) Tie in partridge tail half way down the bend, and *goose biot notch down.

2) Make a smooth thread underbody and leave the thread where the thorax will begin. 

3) Use hackle pliers and wind goose biot up to thread, exposing the natural rib, tie off and clip excess.

4) Tie in the Z-Lon post at a slight angle towards the eye, and clip excess.

5) Tie in a prepared hackle feather up the post, so the feather and the post are pointing up.

6) Create the thorax using superfine leaving room near the eye for the hackle and thread head.

7) Hackle down the post clockwise, and *tie off making sure extra hackle fibers are clipped, or hidden on top of the hook.  

8) Whip finish, and cement when all your flies are complete.  

(* Denotes an important, sometimes difficult procedure.  Take your time and get it right!)

Notes on the Fly
With a day that almost reached 60 degrees I got the itch to post something that rides on the surface.  This is one of my favorite emerger patterns, and in a month or so I plan on using it!  Take your time with these, and soon you will be able to whip them up like any other dry fly.
This is one of my go to BWO patterns.  I can tie these down to a #22, fairly easily, and it will ride right every time, primarily because of the angled post and curved hook shank.  If you are having trouble getting this to float right, make sure you keep the partridge shuck sparse, and do not apply floatant to anything except the post. 
Don't be afraid to change the colors to suit the mayflies where you fish.  Have fun, and think warmer temps!   

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bfly said...

Lovely fly. And, do we have BWO here in NY? Ha! Probably the best all around pattern to fish. Covers all the near surface/surface fish!