Friday, February 13, 2009

Just the Beginning

Hook:         Standard Dry #14-20
Tail:            Pheasant Tail
Rib:             Small Copper
Body:          Pheasant Tail
Post:           Snowshoe
Abdomen:  Brown Superfine
Wing Pad:   Pheasant Tail

Tying Instructions
1) Tie in a short tail with 4-10 PT fibers depending on hook size.

2) Tie in copper rib, and pull back the excess fibers from the tail and tie them in the same as the rib.

3) Make a smooth thread body, and wrap the PT fibers forward.  Do not clip excess.

4) Counter-rib the copper wire, tie off tightly, and clip excess.

5) Pull back the excess PT fibers in preparation for the wing pad.

6) Prepare Snowshoe fibers and tie them in the middle of the abdomen section creating a bushy post.  

7) Dub the abdomen with superfine.

8) Pull the PT fibers half on one side, and half on the other to form a split wing pad, clip excess.  

9) Whip finish, trim snowshoe fibers, and cement when all flies are complete.

Notes on the Fly

The snowshoe is durable, visible, and will easily float this nymph.  Use the shorter snowshoe fibers, because you want to save your longer stuff for upright wings.  Make sure you use long and strong PT fibers, and they will suffice for three sections of the fly!

Click on image to the left to get a better view. 

If you find trout are rising during a hatch, but not eating the duns, or other emerger patterns try one of these.   

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bfly said...

Oh man...I can just imagine how well this would work just before a hatch, or even during for that matter! Nice