Monday, February 9, 2009

The Season of Scuds Continues...

Hook:           Curved #12 - 20
Thread:        Grey 8/0
Body:             Thread
Rib:                Small Silver Ultra Wire
OverBody:   Light Colored 
                         Superfine Dubbing

(fly shown is wet)

Tying Instructions

1) Start thread and tie in ribbing half way down the bend.

2) Continue the thread up the hook to form a nice body, this should be slightly tapered towards the front and back of the hook.

3) Rib the wire leaving around 1/32 to 1/16" of space (depending on hook size), between each turn.  Snip wire and leave the thread near the eye. 

4) Apply superfine dubbing loosely, by the direct or dubbing loop method.

5) Work the dubbing over the body and the rib making sure it stays loose and keeping the tapered ends.  Whip finish at the eye and that's it! 

Notes on the Fly

After examining a kick sample during my last trip to the stream I noticed a few things about the little critter we call a scud.  The colors and sizes were accurate of my last post, however, the body was very translucent when it was in the water.  If you want a larger more detailed version click here.  This photo was taken seconds after I pulled the seine from the stream.  

My last four trips to the water I have used a small pink version of this pattern, and it produced some very nice results.  Try tying one yourself!   


bfly said...

Another great post! Keep them comming. I think you have captured that "translucent" look perfectly!

The New Man said...

Very informative and accurate post! I see you have cured the image size too! Well done L! This is great stuff!