Friday, March 20, 2009

Midge Madness

Hook:           Curved 1x fine 1x short  #30 - 20
Thread:        10/0 color to match natural
Overbody:   Micro Tubing
Head:            8/0 color to match natural

(click image for a closer look)

Notes on the Fly

This is John Barr's creation, and my favorite midge pattern to date.  The size of an actual midge larva is quite astonishing if you actually do some research and take a sample.  When I first began tying I thought my midge patterns were small... and than I looked at a real bug and compared it to mine.  I quickly learned why I never hooked anything on my imitations.  The real thing made my midge look like a #8 stone!   Around that revelation I had purchased John Barr's book, Barr Flies.  I tried out his Pure Midge Larva pattern, and it looked much closer to the natural.  

I have had tremendous success with this pattern, and here is how... First I tie a box full of every color and size I think I will see on the stream (think small and than make it two sizes smaller is a good rule), next I observe what the majority of the midge activity looks like.  Once I have an idea what the popular bug is I catch one and throw it in my midge box.  Finally I choose the imitation that looks the closest, tie it on, and fish the pattern where the fish are feeding.  These will take fish at every level, from surface film to right off the bottom.  

Now is the time of year that can produce some great midge fishing so make sure you tie some of these and get fishing! 


Paul Menard said...

Nice informative blog here Lucas! I need to get smaller hooks, just started dropping to a #22 and thought that was small. What size tippet do you use for a #30?

Luke C said...

thanks for the visit paul. You can use 7X or lighter depending on the eye size and the fish you are after. Honestly I have had the best luck with a #26, and have only used #30 on a rare occasion.

bfly said...

How many fish have we taken on midges?!?! Too many to count I'm sure. Very nice tie as always....I can't wait to get out there soon and toss a few into the drink!