Monday, March 16, 2009

Stretch Magic!

Hook:            Standard Nymph #10 - 16
Thread:        Black 8/0 or 6/0
Bead:             Black Cyclops
Antenna:     Black Krystal Flash
Tail:                 Goose Biots
Rib:                 Stretch Magic
Legs:               Black Stretch Magic
Body:              Any Buggy Dubbing
Wing Case:   Thin Skin

Notes on the Fly

This is a mixture of a few stonefly nymph patterns I have found.  I have taken certain qualities I liked and found easy to tie and used them, and dropped others that were not worth the effort. 

First thing I really like about this fly is the antenna coming out of the bead.  One of the few bead-head patterns that really look life like!  Also the stretch magic material is a great product that is easy to tie with and very durable.  

This is a nymph that takes a little bit longer to tie than I would like, but is a must have early season pattern.  You can fish this fly in every moving body of water in your area, and catch a variety of fish... from 5 inch brookies, to 14 inch browns, and even 12 pound steelhead. Give it a try, and keep thinking warm thoughts!  

1 comment:

bfly said...

I used to use lots of stone fly patterns up on the Salmon River, back when I fished there often. And it always produced for me! Great variation! This should catch fish.