Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Surface Midge

Hook:           1X fine Curved #18 - 30
Thread:        Black 10/0
Shuck:          Light Dun CDC
Wing:            Light Dun CDC
Body:            Thread
Thorax:         Black Superfine

Notes on the Fly

I finally hooked a fish on the surface Sunday... and this was the fly.  When I arrived to the stream there were plenty of insects fluttering around and an occasional riser.  As I settled into the water I picked out a couple of the more steady risers and began to cast the staple midge surface patterns I have caught plenty of fish on before... nothing.  I had recently tied this pattern as an experiment, so I thought I would give it a try, determined to avoid the sunken drift.  After a few casts I had my first fish of the season to hand with a dry fly.  

The pattern is a flush floating emerger that is easy to tie, but not the easiest to see (but neither are real midge emergers so I look at this as a good thing).  When fishing small patterns that you can't see, mark where the fly hits the water, and visualize the flies path.  Watch the water for a rise in the area, and lift on anything that looks close.  If the lift proves unsuccessful let the fly continue following the new mark left by the lift.  Some fish begin to follow the fly after the slight movement.  


bfly said...

Great fly and great job on getting that first fish on a dry this year! I can't wait to get my first of the year on a dry. Well done!!!!

dmnaz1 said...

Nice. A few of use were out today - it was cold up here in Canada and the ice wasn't completely off. The midges were hatching but there were no fish rising to them. Hopefully soon.