Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Micro X-Caddis

Hook:          Standard Dry #18 -24
Thread:       Olive
Shuck:         Amber Atron 
Body:          Olive Superfine
Wing:          Elk Hair (or CDC)

Click image for more detail.

Notes on the Fly

The Micro X-Caddis can be the saving grace to an otherwise tough day on the stream.  This fly sits low in the film, and imitates a hatching/struggling adult.  I have had good luck fishing this in broken and flat water, and also giving the fly some movement.  When tying add a generous amount of head cement to the wing base and the wing will keep it's shape longer.  Also don't be afraid to make these really small (you can use CDC for the wing), and of course do a little research to match the colors of your area.

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bfly said...

Another great post and another great pattern. With so many caddis that make the Oatka their home, you need to carry lots of different caddis patterns....this looks like a fish catcher for sure.