Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bloody Worms

Hook:      Any Hook #14 - 18
Thread:   Red 8/0
Body:       Micro-tubing

Notes on the Fly

The blood worm is a great tie, especially for beginners who want to catch fish on their own flies.  I use micro-tubing for an over-body to better segment the body, but I've also had success with plain thread versions too.  

I've used blood worms for a few seasons now, but this is the first year I've actually picked some real ones up in a kick sample.  My pattern shown in the picture, although it has caught fish, is a little off from the natural, and since this picture, I have changed my standard blood worm pattern a bit, keeping it more slender, and tying the fly with no head.  Fish the blood worm pattern when the trout are feeding low in the water column, and when they are not taking anything else. 

These flies are easy to tie and effective, so tie a few, and go catch some trout! 


bfly said...

It's good that the new pattern produced one of your most memorable trout ever! That beautiful 19" wild brown from the Oatka. Super cool!!!!

Luke C Photo said...

Thanks man... Maybe those minor adjustments made the difference?!