Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Early Start

Notes on the Fly Tyer

This is my daughter a day after her two year old birthday. For this past year she has been sitting on my lap and practicing her thread wraps. For the last few months I have been allowing her to choose materials out of my scrap bin, and I would hold them on the hook and she would tie them on.

For her birthday I finally let go and let her tie by herself. The fly in the picture was her first creation done by her alone. Well I started the thread, but that's it! So now we tie together and it is one of her favorite activities. If she grows up and enjoys tying and fishing even a little, I will be one blessed dad.


dmnaz1 said...

Great shot. Your daughter looks very focused. With that sort of concentration she will probably surpass me by the time she hits 3! ;-)

bfly said...

I love this photo. It is great to see her tying. We need more people getting kids into fly fishing, and you have done a great job at giving her a head start! Can you imagine her standing next to you in Sandy creek tied into a 10lb. steelhead, or watching her catch her first Oatka brown on a dry? I hope you can. Because I can certainly see it! And I hope that I can be there to get some quality photos of you and her together.

The New Man said...

Probably my favorite post and photo yet from you! I love all your tying and fishing excerpts, but this speaks volumes about your dedication as a father and your priorities!

Luke C Photo said...

thanks guys.. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and view my stuff. and also for the very encouraging words!