Thursday, August 6, 2009

A New Way...

Notes On the Fly

When you begin to really 'match the hatch' try to catch a few of the bugs and really compare them to your imitations.  My tying and fly selection really began to change when I started this process.  

Your perception of a bug can be a little different than you think when they are in the air, on the water, or even in your hand.  I know after a few years of matching the hatch successfully I still struggle with this same thing! 

I picked this fly (seen in the image above) a #20 Medallion Trico Dun because it appeared to be the correct match when I first examined the air and water.  Not until I caught a bug and tossed it in my trico box did I see I was 2 sizes off... as usual I needed a smaller pattern.  Right around the time I started putting real bugs in my fly boxes was when I started tying all my flies smaller... and catching more fish.  Give it try and see if it helps you.  


Fishpainter said...

Your tip can be a real problem for me. I tend to forget things like...."I have insects in my fly box" pew....and the next time I go fishing I find wet hooks and a container of 3 worms left warming in the sun.

I guess I need tips on how to keep my tackle clean and ready for use for the next outing.

I wondered if you have a fly rod rack right next to your front door where a nice creel and net hang.

Do you use fly line cleaner after every time you go?

Luke C Photo said...

Interesting point... I actually forget bugs all the time in my fly box, and have to dispose of the remains properly when I find out.

As for cleaning, I only clean my line if it looks dirty or doesn't float. I clean all other equipment once a year. I hang my waders in a closet to dry, and I leave my boots out of the house.

thanks for stopping by Bob!

bfly said...

Luke!! You need to post a photo of your "fly tying bench." I think it would be good to show the rest of us hack-jobs the organized way to tie. It saves time and money in my opinion. And from the photo I saw a while ago, we could all learn from your organization skills! And this post is great!!!! It pays to take a closer look....excellent work!