Monday, August 10, 2009

The Only Way...

Hook:     Curved #20-24 fine
Thread:   Black 10/0
Tail:         Partridge
Body:       Thread
Wing:       Medallion Sheeting Clear
Thorax:    Black Superfine

Notes On the Fly
I have fished the Trico Spinner Fall for three years now and have done so relatively successfully.  It is tough fishing but it caries the potential for some larger fish on a dry so I have always loved the 'hatch'.  This season temps have been cool and the last two outings I have had a crack at the actual trico hatch.  The first attempt was a failure.  My adult imitations were not up to snuff, and I got plenty of looks but no takers, and here is where the title fits in.  After being refused I did some quick research as to why, and there were a lot of reasons (see previous post photo)!  The hackle didn't quite match, the flies were too big, and the wing color was completely wrong.  Using the photos I tied up some new flies, went back to the stream a few days later, and caught fish.  Picky fish need picky fly tiers.  Do some research and tie your flies from what you observe on the stream, not what a book or blog tells you, and you will catch more fish.  Not exactly self promoting information here, but I feel like it is the only way...  


bfly said...

Two really great posts from you Luke. It's a great way to show everyone why "matching the hatch" can be so important!

BG said...

Love these images! Keep em' coming!