Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A New Scud

Hook: Curved #12 - 20
Thread: Grey (or color to match)
Dubbing: Grey squirrel ( or color to match)
Rib: Tying Thread Tag
Shell Back: Pink Krystal Flash (midge size)

*(the fly is featured far left and you can click the image for a better view)
**(scud color darkens and becomes more opaque when they are out of the water)

Notes on the Fly

Why more scuds you ask? Well if you are still in search of tricos or trico related fishing tips at this time of year, I don't have a solution for you, and just like when I first started fly fishing, you may have to wait for next year. The rising fish in my neighborhood are becoming few and far between and the ones that are rising look more like bait fish than game fish. So lately I have been working nymphs, specifically scuds, which isn't really a nymph at all, but that is a different post...

Why more scuds you ask again? Well my stream is chalk full of them (see pic above from the latest kick sample), and the trout like to eat them (think shrimp scampi for trout). Also if you are a beginning fly tier than the scud is a great fly to start with. It is relatively easy pattern, and will catch fish in a variety of ways. You can dead drift it. Swing it. Twitch it. You really can't go wrong...

I thought you already had a scud pattern that worked? I do, however, variety is a key strategy in keeping the larger/smarter fish guessing. If you want to buy flies at your local shop that all the other locals are buying and using feel free, they will work when fished correctly. However, if you want to catch more fish, and maybe even larger fish than tie some of your own and make them look different.

And finally... as always if you have any tying instruction questions feel free to comment here, I will gladly get back to you with any additional info I can. Good luck, and if you have scuds living in your stream tie a couple and give them a try!

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bfly said...

I did tie some for my last trip, but I did not get a chance to fish them. Too bad...they may have been the ticket! And in my book the scud, midge, and small mayfly nymphs(BWO's) are the key to year round success on both spring and Oatka. But you already know that....Great Post!!!