Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Worthy Ways to Spend Money

Notes on the Materials

Contrary to an older post this one is about expensive aspects of fly tying. If you are serious about tying flies and you see yourself doing it for many many years, or even tying commercially, there are a few things that you should spend more money on.

1. Hooks: When buying hooks, getting them in the largest quantity possible helps keep the cost down. Good hooks are sharper and stronger, and therefore catch more fish.

2. Scissors: Buy good scissors. They will outlast and outperform the cheaper varieties. They are always worth the extra money, and they can be sharpened.

3. Lighting: Eye strain is bad. Buy a nice light
and increase the enjoyment of tying. Incandescent bulbs are hot, hurt your eyes, and do not depict accurate colors.

4. Vise: There is a reason why a nice vise is expensive. If you are going to tie flies for a long time buy a vise that will last, and perform.

**Shown in the photos are brands that I use and am happy with, there are many other quality brands of hooks, scissors, lights, and vises. Shop around but be prepared to spend more.


Tony said...

Great advise!, I definitely agree, especially with having the correct tools for the job.

bfly said...

Right on the money!!! Success is in the details. And having to spend a little extra money on a few high quality products makes a huge difference in the long run. Get ready for those lake run browns. There coming soon!!!!