Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Trib Nymph

I really like this trib nymph, and I've had some success this season when other flies are not working. It is essentially a giant PT with a hot spot for the thorax. Not really imitating a specific thing, more like an egg/attractor nymph all rolled into one. It is not the easiest tie, but it is also not the most difficult so I wouldn't be heart broken to loose a few. When I'm fishing the tribs I always start with simple patterns that I'm not afraid to loose, and gradually use the more complex patterns if the fish are picky. Good luck!

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bfly said...

Those look great Luke!! Have you caught fish on them yet?

Luke C Photo said...

On one of the days I was fishing with Graham I hooked 3 browns on the orange version... It was after I tried almost every other fly I had!! Lost them all though, two popped off and one broke me off in a tangle.

Riffle Master said...

Nice flies Lucas