Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finding Winter Motivation

I am in full swing winter tying mode right now. The winter fishing remains ok around Western NY, but the fact is spring is approaching and I need to get my boxes ready! A few things that have improved my motivation: upcoming trip to Utah at the end of April, the new fly binders I have created, and a new book Modern Midges by R. Takahashi & J. Hubka (buy this if you fish with midge flies).

The small fly binder is about 1/4 of the way full already. Once full these flies will be available for purchase.

Light sow bug #14.

BWO soft-hackle #16.


mike doughty said...

i like them biot bodied soft hackles. been tying a bunch up myself

Riffle Master said...

nice flies lucas, The first one looks like one of my fav patterns the griffth's gnat

MIKE said...

I'm definitely jealous of your trip to Utah. What part? I use to visit my grandparents out there. It was on small streams in Utah where I likely first casted a fly. I hope to get back there again someday! Have a great time!

Luke C said...

thanks everyone, I appreciate your visits and comments!

Jim ~ it does look like a gnat! the photo is misleading if you look at it from the front/side it is completely flat like a sow bug.

Mike ~ I'll be staying outside of SLC, but I'm not sure where I'll be fishing yet... It's up to the local guys I'm meeting there.