Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Segmentation on midge flies can be very enticing to the local trout. When you are creating a midge body, or any aquatic bug that has a segmented body, try using micro tubing and leave a little space in-between the wraps. This really gives the fly a nice look, and so far in my stream testing the fish think so too.

Brown midge pupa with segmented body, and a light thread rib to enhance it even more.

This b/w shot really shows the segmentation of the midge larva.

Flies that are tied like this work!


Riffle Master said...

hey lucas
i use mono to rib and make seg. when tying my flies, and its alot easier on the scissors

brilin said...

I Like it. What colors do you tie the Larva and pupas in?

Luke C Photo said...

Jim, I've tried mono before and I like the effect... agree with the scissors too, but I've had better luck with the tubing.

brillin ~ I tie midge larva in every color thread I own. Pupa I stick to the basic midge adult colors. The better larva colors have been olive, black, light brown, tan, purple, and red. I usually take a stream sample whenever I fish, and choose the fly and color from that.