Monday, March 22, 2010

Tributary Kick Sample

On a trip to the tribs last week in search of steel I decided to get kick samples to see what the migratory fish could be feeding on. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least as both samples were filled with life! Below are the results of the two kick samples I took, in one tiny section of the stream. While you are out this early season, and any time for that matter, get a sample and see what is tumbling around in your stream, take some photos, and go home and tie. Try to take the samples from a gravel section with flowing water. My next post I will show you how to make a cheap homemade seine.

Caddis Larva.

Sow Bug.

Midge larva.



MIKE said...

These are great Luke. I'd love someday to see you put together a full photographic layout of what's in the local waters, even complete with fly patterns. I might try to tie up some of those tonight....but first i got to furl up some leaders!

The Jersey Angler said...

Great shots! By the way I love that shot of the Hendrickson nymph and the fly. Good looking pattern!

bfly said...

At least we had some fun doing a kick sample with the kids. Just think of all the great patterns we will tie!!!!!