Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Useful Midge Patterns

Here are a few midge patterns I like. Some are straight copies of popular patterns, some are variations of popular patterns, and some are created from my own research.

CDC midge emerger. Use this when trout are sipping (small rise rings) for midge in the film, or try it subsurface if nothing is going on up top.

BH Blue Ribbed midge pupa. You can use this in the film to catch rising trout, but I often use this when adults are hatching but there is little/no surface activity. A tiny split shot may be needed to get this through the film. Keep adding or subtracting weight until you determine where the trout are feeding in the water column.

Midge mini bubble pupa/emerger. This is a kind of in-between pattern... fish dry in the film, or add weight and fish it subsurface.

Foam wing midge emerger. This pattern was modified from my friend Brian's pattern and success. Use this in the film or subsurface.

Please leave a comment if you would like additional tying instructions. Also check out my photo blog for pics of my recent fishing adventure at lucascarrollphotography.blogspot.com.


Bigerrfish said...

nice patterns! thanks for sharing!

Riffle Master said...

it must be nice to have young eyes

Luke C Photo said...

thanks for the visit and comment bigerr!

Jim ~ I hope use em or loose works for eyes... I think it goes the other way though.

Robbie Phelan said...

Hi Lucas,

These midge are class, is there a chance of getting the tying instructions?

Regards, Robbie