Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hendrickson Dun

Hendricksons are the first great hatch of the season in my area of Western NY. The bugs are big and the fish enjoy coming up for them. This hatch is nice for beginner fly fisherman to get their first fish on a dry, so if you are new and interested in trying out dry fly fishing now is the time! When tying a pattern make sure it is the right size and giving off an accurate profile first before getting into the many other picky details. A good drift with the right sized fly is often rewarded.

Male Hendrickson Dun

Female Hendrickson Dun

Parachute Biot Bodied Dun

Nice Brown on the Parachute


Andy Baird said...

Nice pics Lucas - we don't get the Hendrickson this side of the pond, though we have similar sized olives this time of year.

What hook's the biot paradun tied on.



erdo said...

As always, great pictures and flies. I am looking forward to fishing some Hendricksons soon.

Riffle Master said...

great stuff lucas

Luke C Photo said...

Andy if you ever visit this side of the world look me up and make sure you come during the Hendricksons! It will be worth the flight! Not sure about the hook, any hook bigger than #18 I buy clearance/discontinued... basically whatever is cheapest. I have a huge pile of #14 dry fly hooks all mixed up (but the same shank size) After getting used to fishing tiny flies a #14 feels like a streamer!

Thanks erdo good luck with the big bugs!

Thanks Jim!

JMP said...

great photos of hendrickson's... I had just taken some as well and posted them on my blog about 2 weeks ago...