Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hendrickson Spinner

Here is my Hendrickson Spinner pattern... I got the idea from Shane Stalcup's book. This imitation catches fish when other 'rusty spinners' do not, and it is relatively easy to tie. The wings and case are medallion sheeting, which I strongly suggest trying out. Fish this pattern during the spinner fall and hang on! Click here for my post last year at this time to see the changes I've made, and feel free to click on any of the images below to get a closer look.

Classic view from above.

Flush floating side view.

View from underneath.

Hopefully in the next week or two I can get a real bug next to this to give you a feel for accuracy... Feel free to comment or email for further tying instructions or questions.


newdanart said...

Hey Luke, love this fly.
Where did you find the medallion sheeting, my local shop does not carry it. Also I would like the instructions.
Thanks, Dan

Lucas said...

Dan nice to hear from ya! Finding medallion sheeting is tough sometimes, I usually order mine online. JStockard.com is a nice online fly shop. It is relatively expensive stuff, but worth every penny.

bfly said...

Sweet mother!!! those things look good! Great tie...and I can't wait to hear how they work for you...nice!!!

Jim Guida said...

very nice luke