Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stonefly Nymph 3.0

If you have followed my blog at all you may remember my obsession with tying a stonefly that is easy enough to take to the tribs.  This season I have created, used, and had success with a new stonefly pattern... and you can see that blog post here.  That fly worked, but after I lost 2 or 3 in one trip I was more heart broken than I planned.  The fact is they still took too long at the vise.  When I sat down to replenish the stash, I changed the pattern yet again...

Hot Bead Easy Stone
Same tail (stretch magic .5mm), and body (black med tubing)... but different legs, wing case, and thorax.  This new version is a breeze.  Basically it is black dubbing, with a pinch of peacock ice dub, and a black hackle collar.  I tied versions with black bead head, thread head, and a hot bead head... and all versions worked.

Easy Stone (wet)
I caught fish by dead drifting the fly, and it also brought strikes on a wet fly swing.  The steelhead couldn't get enough, and when I lost a few it didn't hurt so bad.  Give them a try this lake run season, or try them anywhere fish eat stoneflies!


Midge Man said...

Great pattern! It should present great on the dead drift and with the hackle and almost in the round profile it should be deadly on the swing or even on a lift. Nice bug!

Ryan said...

Very nice looking bugs! I stumbled on your blog today. I will follow along.

The Average Joe Fisherman

Ant said...

Very nice! I've been looking for a stonefly pattern that doesn't take an hour to tie.... I think I might have to try this one out, if you don't mind.