Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Redfish Flies?

I'm heading down south in a few weeks to spend Christmas with my wife's family.  While I'm down there I will also be traveling to the coast to fish with fellow William Joseph ambassador, and The Fiberglass Manifesto creator Cameron Mortenson.   

Fishing saltwater has been a dream of mine ever since I began the sport, so as you may have guessed I'm pretty excited.  I have had limited experience with saltwater tying however, so I'm looking for some advice on patterns.  Have any of you fished for Redfish before?  If so... what flies worked the best for you?  Specific pattern names, pics, and links will be greatly appreciated. 

Photo courtesy of Tim Romano.  Check out some other great Redfish Pics of his.

It's not that I'm above buying flies and supporting the local shop when I get down there, but I really enjoy tying new patterns for new fish.  I have found that a great way to improve your tying (even improve your old standbys) is to create something completely different.  I've also learned that bringing a few extra flies for your friends goes a long way!  

Hopefully I'll get another post up in a week or two with some of my creations, and in the end I will most likely tie what I always tie... proven patterns that are easy/fun to create!   I'll also post the full story when I return.  Thanks for the help and reading my blog. 


Anonymous said...

Isn't the michigan cricket hatch going on right now down there?

GFP said...

I would have suggested asking Cameron...but from reading his blog it sounds like he's never caught one either. If I suggest a killer fly do I get to tag along? Although I bet my wife would kill me if I'm not home for Christmas.

Midge Man said...

Have a look at this site... It's where I get some of my salt water ideas and they know Reds.


Luke C Photo said...

Anonymous (Andy) : M. Cricket's are always hatching somewhere!

GFP (mike) : Hit me up with a nice fly, and you are welcome to join... Your wife and kids will not mind at all I'm sure!

Thanks Midge Man, great link!!

Nick said...

EP Mangrove minnow, floating EP mangrove minnow or a chernobyl crab have worked for me on the west coast. Also, the flies work well for snook. You can buy them but they are also fun to tie.



Luke C Photo said...

THanks Nick, appreciate the links, those flies look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Rootbeer/white Clouser minnow
Rootbeer/orange w/ copper flash clouser minnow. Chart./White clouser.

Then just vary the weight of the lead eyes and tie them w and w/o weedgaurds. The weedgaurds are critical if you are tossing flies into the mangroves, or in turtle grass...not so much in oyster bars.

Good luck!

FlyFish10k said...

FlyFish10k.com - Redfish Alien is a new pattern.