Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SC Salt Trip

Beadchain Mudminnow. 
First off thanks for all the replies and comments on Redfish patterns, it was very interesting to research and tie for a new species.  For the few weeks leading up to the trip I got to the vise and created a few patterns...  
Dark and Sparse Mudminnow.

Dark beadchain sand crab.

I met up with Mike Benson shortly after sunrise outside of Charleston, SC, and we fished hard almost all day.  The trip was a blast filled with countless new scenes to take in and attempt to photograph.   Below are a few shots from the day.  Special thanks to William Joseph for the gear, and Mike for the trip!

Mike on the platform looking for Reds. 
Quick casting demo... humbling to say the least.
Frozen deck to start!
Local wildlife, fellow fisherman. 
Sad to end such a great day, and I can't thank Mike enough! 


bfly said...

Luke - Great looking flies - I think the local smallmouth will enjoy them just as much as those redfish! Your photos are, as always, stellar!! I especially like the one of Mike on the platform looking for Reds.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Lucas...great photos. Hopefully we can fish together some time else this year.

The New Man said...

Looks like an awesome trip man! Tight lines!