Friday, February 25, 2011

New Small Flies

It's been a long time since I've posted some small flies on here.  I got a little package recently that inspired me to get cranking at the vise...  TMC 16/0 thread, and TMC 518 #32 and #30.  

First off, are some generic adult midge patterns assorted from #26 to #32.  All the flies below are in that range as well.  I threw in a #22 blk CDC midge emerger in this first picture for scale.  

And now on to some of the new creations...
Blk x-sm wire rib, tied shaggy.
Brown Micro Tubing, pink thorax blk BH. 
Not a midge but had to toss it in here...  BWO emerger #26.  Partridge aftershaft, thread tail.
BWO emerger sparse.
BWO mature nymph.
Brwn/white softhackle midge. 

Blk/white softhackle midge.
Circus midge pupa. 
Green Butt Skunk Midge

Thanks for checking out my new patterns...  If you have any questions on materials, or tying instructions please feel free to leave a comment.


Pete Bella said...

Nice flies. The clear bead looks a lot like an air bubble as the nymph starts to emerge. I might try that one.

Midge Man said...

Now your talking... These look great!

bfly said...

Great blog post! Love the small stuff man. Rich has used one of those adult midge patterns and killed on Oatka during the trico hatch....I'll let you guess which one was the hot fly!!!

Mark said...

great ties as usual & congratulations on the drake cover!

Luke C Photo said...

Thanks Pete! I got those beads at a craft store, can't remember which one or what they were called, but they are tiny... look like grains of sand.

I thought you'd like these Midge Man... Someday it would be great to fish and swap flies.

THanks Brian, I have a good feeling which one.

Appreciate it Mark!

Dustin's Fly Box said...

I love the circus midge!!