Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Traditional Swing Flies

I have been tying traditional spey, dee, and hair wing flies lately, preparing for this upcoming salmon/steelhead season.  Most are by the book patterns that I have tweaked a bit, and a couple are my own creations.  Feel free to click the pics for a better view.  

Body:  Silver Mylar and Silver SM Wire
Hackle:  Black Pheasant Rump
Collar: Teal
Wing:  Black Hackle Tips
Eyes: Jungle Cock
Tail:  Purple Hackle Fibers
Body:  Yellow / Purple SLF
Rib: Gold Mylar
Hackle: Brown Spey
Wing: Bronze Mallard 
Tag: Silver Mylar
Tail: Peacock
Body: Orange Thread/Peacock
Hackle: Soft Grizzle
Wing:  Squirrel Tail  
Tail:  Golden Pheasant Fibers Red
Body: Olive Dubbing
Rib: Gold Oval
Hackle: Golden Pheasant Red and Brown Spey
Wing:  Bronze Mallard 
Tag:  Silver Mylar
Tail:  Golden Pheasant
Body:  Yellow/Green/Orange Dubbing
Rib: Silver Mylar
Hackle: Black Pheasant Rump
Wing: White Turkey
Eyes: Jungle Cock 
Tag: Gold Mylar
Body: Black Thread / Black Dubbing
Rib: Gold Mylar / Gold Oval
Hackle: Black Pheasant Rump with Bronze Mallard Fibers
Wing: Black Turkey
Eyes: Jungle Cock
Tag: Bright Orange Thread
Tail: Elk Hair
Body: Orange Dubbing
Rib: Orange Thread
Hackle: Brown Neck
Wing: Elk Hair


bfly said...

Beautiful ties my friend. I really like the dry fly. DO you have an opportunity to swing for summer runs?

Jim Guida said...

Nice Ties Luke, keep up the good work