Friday, September 17, 2010

Articulated Double Bunny

I tied up the classic double bunny streamer a long time ago and tried it out, see post here.  It was ok, but I knew I could make it more effective.   I have tied and tested this articulated version over the last 4 months working out the kinks so you don't have to.  This fly is durable, relatively easy to tie, and I have caught many different species of fish with it... all larger than average. It can be a time consuming pattern, however in my eyes it's worth it!  Below are the step-by-step tying instructions with pictures for one of my favorite streamer patterns.  Enjoy.

Step 1: Cut strips (4 for each fly) and insert hook through the back.   Repeat this process with as many flies as you plan on tying to save time. 
Step 2:  Start thread anywhere make a base (quickly, sloppy is ok) and leave thread at the eye.
Step 3: Tie off strip at eye.  Leave room at for a head and make sure strip is tight to the shank. 
Step 4:  Add top strip and tie in at the eye only.  Super glue head and strips together. 
Step 5: Mass produce the 'tails' before moving on. (this saves lots of time)
Step 6:  Attach wire(around 6" worth) and beads to all tails.  
Step 7:  Insert another streamer hook in the vise and start the thread near the back.  Tie in wire and tail leaving space for the beads.  
Step 8:  Tie down wire to the eye, and at the eye loop the wire back and tie that down too.  
Step 9:  Add heavy hour glass style eyes (leave room for the thread head).  
Step 10: Add bulk behind the eyes. (a surface for strip to glue down on... I use foam). 
Step11:  Add flash, legs, or whatever you want! (I use flash, light weight and lots of movement)
Step 12:  Mass produce this step. 
Step 13:  Using the previously cut strips attach strip through the hook at the back. 
Step 14: Tie down bottom strip, and add top strip all ahead of the eyes.  (this is the same  step as the tail)
Step 15:  Super glue strips and head and you're done! 
Mass produce... your friends will want some.  


Bigerrfish said...

Thanks for sharing, Your frinds already want some.

mike doughty said...

real nice luke! those dogs will certainly hunt

bfly said...

Nice job! I love them all....I guess you are ready for stripping these bad boys into the danger zone for big browns ehh!

The New Man said...

These are great looking flies Luke! Thank you for giving the details on how to tie them. I'm gonna have to attempt to try some, they look like real Brown killers! Nice work my friend!