Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lamson and the Jumbo

Notes on the Fly

Two things I love about tributary fishing together in one photograph...

The Jumbo John is a John Barr classic that can influence even the most picky lake run fish. It is a little more involved than I would like for a fly that is almost certain to get lost in the bottom debris or in the mouth of an angry fish, so I put my personal touch on the pattern which simplified things slightly (see picture or comment for more details). Use this fly when nothing else is working, and pray it goes back in the box when your done.

The Lamson Velocity 2 is my new reel for this lake run season and so far I like it. The drag is smooth and for a large arbor it holds plenty of backing.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mini Comet Bi-Color

Notes on the Fly

After some success with the mini comets from a previous post I decided to take the fly to the next level. It really does not add any steps or extra time to make these little bi-color beauties. Give them a try, you never know they may spark the interest of a big fish!

** Please leave a comment if you would like more specific tying instructions.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tributary Stone

Hook: Strong Nymph #6-14
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Black Krystal Flash
Body: Black Dubbing
Rib: Tying Thread
Case: Black Flash Back
Legs: Rooster Hackle
Head: Black Bead

Notes on the Fly

This is an easy stonefly nymph for the big fish from the lake. What makes a good nymph for migratory fish? Something that looks and feels like food to the trout, has some weight tied in to it, and is easy to tie so you can tie a lot of them in a short amount of time. What makes this pattern nice is the rib for the body and the hackle in the thorax is the tying thread. That eliminates the step of tying in a wire/thread rib. I will be posting this time saving step in more detail in the future, and if you can't wait just send me an email or comment and I will give you more instructions.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mini Comet

Hook: Standard Length Nymph Hook #6 - 14
Thread: 6/0 color to match
Tail: Marabou color to match
Body: Chenille color to match
Collar: Rooster color to match
Eyes: Mini Bead Chain
Head: Thread

Notes on the Fly
The original comet comes from the Salmon River and is generally much larger, with varying materials for the body and tail. My idea was the result of two factors... one was my past success with mini wooly buggers, and two was my recent find of mini bead chain eyes. I found this pattern to be extremely easy to tie, with most of the fish enticing characteristics of a wooly bugger.

My first outing of the tributary season was last Saturday and I used a #8 chartreuse version of this fly. I had two takes dead drifting through a deep pool. I lost both fish, one after a few head shakes, but the other was after a lengthy battle. It was enough excitement to spark my memory of how awesome it was to fight the giants from the lake. Give these little flies a try, they are easy to tie and they work!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Notes on the Fly Tyer

Please check out the latest issue of The Drake where you can find some of my photos of bugs and flies!