Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trouthunter Trip

On my one-way road trip west I had the opportunity to stay at the Trounthunter lodge in Island Park, Idaho. I can't say enough good things about this lodge, the river that runs behind it, and the people that fill it up.  All first class and worth many more trips.

Top notch CDC in bulk and small packs in the fly shop.  Yes I patronized. 
I arrived meer weeks before the river was expected to really turn on, so you could call it the off-season there, which was fine by me.  Many of the guides were still waiting on their busy schedule to start, so I had the pleasure of fishing and hanging out with some awesome people.

Shrimp pad thai w/ custom heat.
The weather was pretty crazy, high winds, freezing temps, hail storms, and a solid plain old snow storm.  It was a blast taking photos in the nasty stuff though, and we all caught some fish.  After each day we settled into the Trouthunter restaurant/bar and sampled the diversely awesome food.

In the fly shop w/ the Rooster and Chris Andelin aka Grizz 
Yup.. Rene Harrop's patterns tied by him and his family.
I even had the chance to meet Rene Harrop!  As a fly tier that is something I will never forget.  Although I did not get to wade fish and throw some hatch matching dries because of the nasty weather and early season, I will try my best to get back again.

View of the Henry's Fork from the Trouthunter lodge.
I would like to thank the owners of the lodge, Jon and Rich for the great trip.  Also Bryan Gregson for setting it all up.  If you are looking for a fly fishing trip this season or any season, give Trouthunter a call, or browse their website for more info.

A few pics from the trip...

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