Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Redfish Flies?

I'm heading down south in a few weeks to spend Christmas with my wife's family.  While I'm down there I will also be traveling to the coast to fish with fellow William Joseph ambassador, and The Fiberglass Manifesto creator Cameron Mortenson.   

Fishing saltwater has been a dream of mine ever since I began the sport, so as you may have guessed I'm pretty excited.  I have had limited experience with saltwater tying however, so I'm looking for some advice on patterns.  Have any of you fished for Redfish before?  If so... what flies worked the best for you?  Specific pattern names, pics, and links will be greatly appreciated. 

Photo courtesy of Tim Romano.  Check out some other great Redfish Pics of his.

It's not that I'm above buying flies and supporting the local shop when I get down there, but I really enjoy tying new patterns for new fish.  I have found that a great way to improve your tying (even improve your old standbys) is to create something completely different.  I've also learned that bringing a few extra flies for your friends goes a long way!  

Hopefully I'll get another post up in a week or two with some of my creations, and in the end I will most likely tie what I always tie... proven patterns that are easy/fun to create!   I'll also post the full story when I return.  Thanks for the help and reading my blog. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tying With Friends and Family

Lake run fishing has been exceptional lately and I've been fishing more then tying.  The weather is quickly turning however, so I've found a little more time at the vise.  Recently I've found inspiration and motivation from tying with my daughter, and a couple of my fishing friends.  It has gotten to the point that I needed to build an addition on my desk!  

My daughter has been tying around twice a week for a little over a half hour each session.  She has been tying her typical 'streamers' which consist of anything and everything that looks interesting.  Her technique has developed though, and I believe any day now she will start tying actual patterns.  

Lately I've been tying marabou spey flies, in hopes of intriguing the local post spawn lake run browns.  

Remember this off season to invite your family and friends to join you at the vise and tie a few flies!