Monday, April 21, 2014

John Gierach's New Book

This blog post marks my 100th entry here at Proven Patterns, and in honor of this (and honestly because I haven't posted in a very long time), I would like to announce a giveaway! All I ask you to do is read the book review below, and comment on the post referencing your thoughts on John Gierach's work (past or present), to be eligible to receive a brand new copy of his book, All Fishermen Are Liars.  Giveaway closes Sunday April 27th, please only one comment per person.

Recently I was asked to read and review John Gierach's latest book, and without hesitation I agreed.  I have been a fan of John's work ever since my introduction to fly fishing about nine years ago.  Over those years I have morphed from a fly fishing newbie, to a nymph/numbers junky, a micro midge madman, a bass and carp-aholic, a bamboo freak, a dry fly 'purist', a spey head, and everything in between.  At every stage of my fishing life, John's books have meet me right where I am. I have purchased many of his books at full price, because they are that good.

His latest book, All Fishermen Are Liars, is top notch as usual.  The short stories within cover a variety of species and adventures, all written in a style that makes you feel like you are alongside for the journey.  Sprinkled tastefully within each narrative lives John's sense of humor and his opinions on life and fishing. My personal affection to John's writing is his ability to speak on the everyday aspects of fly fishing and the larger romantic themes, all in a fresh and energetic tone.  Here is one of my favorite paragraphs that exemplifies this, taken from the story New Water. John describes a new stream he has never fished before after he quickly hooks and lands a nice sized fish there...
So the conversation with this new water had begun and we'd hit it off nicely, like a first date that began with a clumsy exchange that we both thought was funny.  I can't help but think of trout streams as feminine, but that's not some kind of left-handed gender politics. It's just that this kind of graceful and surprising sweetness calls to mind many of the women I know, but none of the men.  Of course, strictly speaking, a trout stream is an inanimate object, but no fisherman really believes that. (page 58)
Every story in John's new book is entertaining and easy to read.  He approaches fly fishing from the perspective of someone who really loves the adventure of a trip as much as the fish, and even though he has plenty of bragging rights, remains humble.  On the cover there is a quote, "America's best fishing writer." by Steve Bennett.  I can't really argue with that.

Please visit, for more information on his latest work.