Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Midge Follow Up

I thought I would write a quick follow up to my last post about small flies.  I hit our local midge hot spot, did some detailed photographing of the little bugs, and a little dry flying!  I fished a few of the patterns from the previous post, and did particularly well with this one...

I avoided the bobber, and stuck with the dries, and with some patience and a little luck I found some willing risers.   Below is my first dry fly fish of the year!

Once the fish stopped rising (I'd like to think I caught them all) I focused on some extreme midge macro photography.

The black midge that were pretty much everywhere, were the typical early season #22 and #24's.  They will slowly shrink as the weather warms.  For now though, these 'large' midge make for some fun fishing, and photography.

Here's a nice close up of the black midge.  Notice the tapered and segmented body, pronounced legs, and small wing size.  I hope this photo helps you tie better midge flies!   My next post will switch gears completely and discuss big streamers for swinging, as our Spring Great Lake Trib season is starting to heat up...