Friday, August 27, 2010

The Lost World of Mr. Hardy

I was contacted recently with the opportunity to watch and review the new British fly fishing documentary The Lost World of Mr. Hardy by Andy Heathcote & Heike Bachelier.  After watching the trailer I am really excited to get the dvd see the whole thing...  check back for the full review!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Latest Creations

I've been slacking.  Tying and posting... but lately I've been picking up the slack and getting back to the bench.  My daughters interest in fly tying keeps increasing and the trib season is fast approaching, so I've been cranking out some flies, and taking some pictures.

I started with the on-going process of developing the perfect Tributary stonefly pattern... and after almost a month of tying #26 midge patterns, and #24 tricos it is nice to tie something BIG!

This stonefly satisfies the three things that matter most with Tributary nymphs: 1)  It is relatively easy to tie aka I wouldn't be heart broken if I lodged a couple into a submerged log.  2) It's built really tough, and 3) It will sink.  (If you are interested in materials and tying instructions just shoot me an email or comment below)

I have also been trying out some bass popper tying, as I have never attempted them before.  I purchased two varieties of popper material, one was a kit called 'perfect poppers', which are hard foam popper bodies and matching hooks ready to go.  I also bought blank white foam cylinders that you need to cut to shape, and supply your own hooks.

I like the ability to cut my own foam and design different body styles, but the ease of the perfect popper kit made it really easy and less time consuming.  I also enjoyed coloring them up in my own style in the end.  All in all it was a great break from the typical trout stuff and I'm looking forward to trying them out soon!

Finally, every tying session in the last two weeks has either started or ended with a few flies from my daughter.  She is completely independent now at the bench, and even interested in learning more specific techniques.  Her flies still look the same, but the way she is tying them has improved dramatically.  Any day now she will tie her first fishable fly... I just have to convince my wife it's ok for me to leave the hooks on!